I am a life-long member of the cult known as the Boston Red Sox. I am also co-founder of the Red Sox e-newsletter Sox Lunch. As such, I get to draw funny pictures of Sox players beating the snot out their opponents. Sox Lunch was created by Sox fans for Sox fans and during every season offers a 2-3 paragraph summary of the previous night’s game, accompanied by one of the aforementioned funny drawings. Best yet, IT’S FREE! Go to www.soxlunch.com to sign up; it’ll be on your electronic doorstep the next noontime.

If you like my work and are interested in purchasing an original piece of my Red Sox art, please contact me via my email address, brian.cody@comcast.net. Each original piece is priced at $500.00 apiece and will be personally signed. If you’d like to purchase prints of my work, please go to www.RedBubble.com, where my art is available on a variety of collateral, from tee-shirts to coffee mugs.